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Welcome to www.quicksleeve.com, an online shop, available for your purchases 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

By visiting and/or using QuickSleeve.com you agree with all the Terms of Service (ToS) listed on the aforementioned website. General terms and conditions have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection act (ZVPot), based on recommendations of GZS and the international codes for electronic commerce (E-commerce). The Terms of Service regulate the business relationship between the provider and the customer. By submitting an order, in a manner following the Terms of Service, the customer agrees to have accepted the general Terms of Service of the provider. However, if you do not agree with the Terms of Service, please leave the website QuickSleeve.com.

The online store QuickSleeve.com (henceforth: the store) is managed by Epicoro, d. o. o., a provider of E-commerce services (henceforth: the provider).

Information access

The provider is committed to provide the following information to the customer at all times:

– Company identity (name and address, registry number)
– Contact information, allowing the user quick and efficient communication (e-mail, address)
– Essential properties of the goods and/or services (including after-sale services and quality guarantees)
– Availability of the products, terms of product delivery and/or service execution (method, place and time of delivery)
– Final prices (including taxes and delivery costs)
– The methods of payment and delivery
– Time period within which the offer is valid
– Time period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions of withdrawal; additionally, if and how much the customer is required to pay for the return of the product
– In case of an appeal; the explanation of the appeal process, including full information on the contact person or the department for customer contacts.


All prices in the store are listed in € (EUR), with the 22% VAT (value added tax) already included. The prices do not include delivery costs; these are calculated at the end of the contract and are shown in the shopping cart prior to the completion of the order.

The prices are valid at the time of the order completion and do not have a predetermined expiration date. At the moment your order is completed and approved, an email will be sent to the provided e-mail address, including all of the information regarding the purchase. As of that moment, all prices and conditions are fixed and apply to both the costumer and the provider.

Delivery costs

The costs of delivery are calculated at the end of your order and will be visible in your shopping cart. The product price does not include delivery costs. Shipping fees may vary depending on the country.

Payment method

The store accepts the following payment options: PayPal, Stripe and Direct Bank Transfer. You do not have to pay anything when receiving the package.

Purchase process

The purchase is executed by filling out the form with your information and clicking the submit order button.

– Selecting products –
The website features a shopping cart, in which the customer can see all of the products he had added to it while browsing the store. Below the selected products a shipping cost will be displayed, along with the total price of the purchase. Upon completing the order, the customer receives a confirmation of the order via e-mail. The customer is, at all times, able to see comprehensive information regarding the status and the content of his purchase.

– Order confirmation –
The customer completes the order by filling out the form on the website with all of the required information (full name, address, phone number, e-mail address). The customer then chooses the payment option of his choice from the list of available payment methods in the field “Select a payment method”.

– Order cancellation –
After submitting the order, the customer receives a confirmation email. The customer has the right to cancel the order before the product has been shipped, at which point the user will receive another email confirming the shipment. After that moment cancellation is no longer possible. To cancel the order the customer has to send an email to the provider at info@quicksleeve.com. The cancellation request has to include: full name of the customer, address, order number and date of purchase. The subject of the email has to be titled ORDER CANCELLATION, followed by ORDER NUMBER, which is displayed in the header of the confirmation email you received right after submitting the order.

– Shipping –
Product dispatch: The store prepares the products for shipment in the agreed timeframe and sends the goods to the buyer’s address. At that moment, the customer is notified that the product has been shipped by an email.

Using the online store

The provider does not take any responsibility regarding the customer’s use of information found on the web store or for their possible consequences. The provider reserves the right to change the content of the web shop at any time without prior notice and does not accept responsibility for any consequences of these changes. Provider will, as much as possible, try to keep the web store updated, functional and accurate at providing information on the website QuickSleeve.com. If the customer notices an error, glitch or a malfunction on the web store, he should contact us immediately on info@quicksleeve.com.


All orders completed on a working day between midnight and 3pm are shipped to the customer on the same day. Orders submitted after this time are dispatched the next day. This ensures us that your product is delivered between 1 and 10 working days (depending on the country), but usually the very next day after the order.

Sold out products

In rare cases it may happen that a product cannot be delivered because it is sold-out or out of stock, even though it’s mistakenly marked on the website as available. We will let you know about this as soon as we notice it. We ask for your understanding.

Personal information protection

Your personal data will be used solely for the purpose of executing your orders. If necessary, your personal information may be forwarded to the companies that are responsible for shipping of the product. For a successful execution of the payment, we may forward you information to the bank. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third parties or companies. After a successful delivery and after receiving your payment, the access to your information is closed.

The provider is committed to permanently protect all of the personal data of the customer. The provider will use the information provided solely for the purpose of successfully completing the order (sending informative material, offers, receipts) and for other necessary communication.

User’s personal data will in no case be forwarded to any unauthorized third parties. The customer is also responsible for the protection of their data by ensuring a level of security regarding their username and password.

Our websites and other systems are protected through technical and organisational measures, preventing loss, destruction, unauthorised access or spreading of your personal data to any third parties.

Children protection

Advertisements on the website will be clearly visible and clearly separated from games and competitions. Any communication intended for children, will be appropriate for their age and will not take advantage of their gullibility, lack of experience or their sense of loyalty. The provider will not accept any orders from someone whom he knows to be or suspects to be a child, without having a prior permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Without having an explicit permission, the provider is not allowed to accept any type of personal information regarding children. Provider is also not allowed to share the child’s personal information with any third party, with the exception being child’s parents or legal guardians. The provider is not permitted to offer free access to the products or services that may be harmful for children.

Limitation of liability

The provider will do their best to keep the information posted on their websites updated and correct. Nevertheless, the price, the properties of an item or the expected delivery date may change so rapidly that the provider fails to correct the information on the website in time. If this is the case, the customer will be informed about the changes and offered the option to cancel their order or change the ordered products.

The provider does not guarantee the correctness of the content published on the website and does not accept responsibility for any damage the customer may have suffered by relying on the published information.

The user is required to have adequate equipment protection before entering the web store. The provider reserves the right to disable the web store or limit its availability due to technical or other reasons and during maintenance, which also means disabling the web store. The provider is not responsible for compensating any losses, damages or costs that the user may have due to the web store being unavailable.

Customer contact policy

The customer has the right to access any not-billable information about their personal data, as well as the right to request their deletion. In case of inquiries regarding information deletion or its usage, contact us at: info@quicksleeve.com or send us a deletion request through mail.

Notifications regarding the order status: The provider reserves the right to contact you through e-mail or by phone about your package being shipped. If the shipped products have not been picked up from the post office for 5 days, we reserve the right to contact you via the listed phone number and remind you that the orders are waiting for your pick up.

NEWSLETTER: After registering for our newsletter your name and e-mail address will, with your permission, be used for advertising purposes until you unsubscribe from the aforementioned newsletter. You will only be signed up for the newsletter if the box that enables the newsletter is checked when submitting the order.
All photographs of products are symbolic and do not necessarily reflect fully all of the properties of the product and therefore serve only as an infographic!

Changes in terms and conditions

The provider reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time, without prior notice. The revised terms are valid and apply from the moment they are published on the website. Registered users will be informed about the changes via email.

The company complies with the current laws on consumer protection. Epicoro, d. o. o. will do their best to respect their obligation in providing an effective system regarding customer complaints.

In case of problems, the customer can always contact the provider via phone at the number +386 70 600 003 or via e-mail at info@quicksleeve.com. All of your complaints should be submitted via email at info@quicksleeve.com. The complaint process is confidential.

Any possible disputes arising from using the web store www.quicksleeve.com between the customer and the provider will be resolved amicably by the parties themselves. If that is not possible, the court is responsible for the dispute.

General information about the service provider:
Name: EpiCoro, Programiranje aplikacij , d. o. o., registered on 15. 3. 2021
Address: Petelinškova ulica 11, 3212 Vojnik, Slovenia
Website: https://www.quicksleeve.com
E-mail: info@quicksleeve.com,
Phone: +386 70 600 003
VAT number: SI50662783
Registration number: 8830835000
Bank account: IBAN SI56 0400 0027 6366 618, BIC: KBMASI2X, (Nova KBM d.d.)