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While wearing QuickSleeve®, your arm will not retain moisture. The fabric plays an IMPORTANT role in helping the perspiration to pass which keeps the arm dry, regardless of how hard you are training and sweating.


Using a special technique, the sleeves are created in one piece and do not contain any stitches which make wearing them even more comfortable. QuickSleeve® is one of the few sleeves WITHOUT ANY STITCHES!


QuickSleeve® has the lowest thermal conductivity between fibers. It does not retain moisture and allows you to maintain an ideal temperature in all conditions. This allows your arm to stay at the same temperature at all times.


Wondering what that means? Basically – prevents bacteria from growing and reduces any unpleasant smells.


The sleeves are made from the least dense fibers currently on the market (0.92 g/cm3). This allows them to even float on water, unlike other materials such as wool or cotton, which simply soak up the moisture. The sleeves adapt to your arm so perfectly that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!


The Dryarn® fibers which make up QuickSleeve® have been dermatologically tested, proving them suitable for even the most sensitive types of skin.

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Made with dryarn®

a high-performance fibre!

Lightweight, insulating, breathable: Dryarn® is the athlete’s best performance enhancer.

Product maintenance

is simple!

Wash at temperatures below 30°C, by hand or machine. Do not iron.

Useful for everybody

in every situation!

QuickSleeve is an accessory you mustn't miss in sportive activities or as a trendy attribute.

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